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Upper limits for B production in π−-tungsten interactions at 194 GeV/c

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Journal Title: Physics Letters B
Authors and Corporations: Ereditato, A., Gorini, E., Strolin, P., Bordalo, P., Boumediene, A., Busson, Ph., Kluberg, L., Romana, A., Salmeron, R., Varela, J., Blaising, J.J., Degré, A., Juillot, P., Morand, R., Mours, B., Winter, M., Falciano, S., Guanziroli, M., Hofer, H., Lecomte, P., Le Coultre, P., Suter, H., Telegdi, V.L., Viertel, G., Betev, B., Freudenreich, K., Wallace-Hadrill, J.
In: Physics Letters B, 157, 1985, 5-6, p. 463-468
Type of Resource: E-Article
Language: English
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